Unconditional Love

God is constant. His love never wavers. All suffering is merely a measure of our distance from Him. The more we are like Him, the closer we are to Him. We hold these traits to be those of the Heavenly Father and of His son, Yehoshua of Nazareth:

  • Utterly humble. God does not need to boast, for He IS.
  • Unconditionally loving. God has given us the bounty of the universe and it is ours merely for the asking.
  • Fearlessly confident. God created all of existence and has nothing to fear. He resides outside of all dichotomies and vulnerabilities.
  • Perfectly responsible. God is the source of all objects, conditions and intentions. When we are like Him, we also take responsibility for the actions of others against us, just as His son did. When we do that, turning the other cheek becomes effortless.

This website is meant to explore not only God’s love for us, but also how we can return that love to Him.

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About The Love of God

The purpose of this website is to explore God’s love for us and also how we can return that love to Him.

By remaining humble, we can continue to learn God’s lessons to us more and more perfectly. By remaining open, we will be able to see those lessons from many viewpoints and through many events.

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Discussing the Love of God remains a deeply held passion. I look forward to hearing from you. — Rod Martin, Jr.